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Léon Baur in the ” Scwharzwald Golfurlaub Magazine” 2019

Here is the article published in the “Schwarzwald Golfurlaub Magazine” for the 2019 edition.

Winery Leon Baur in the “Schwarzwald Golf Magazine”

This this the article which is published in the “Schwarzwald Golf Magazine”, a german golf magazine.

It talk about the Muscat of our winery and suggest to taste this wine.

Muscat of Eguisheim 2016

Muscat of Eguisheim is a dry wine and very intense in nose. In mouth we have peach and leetche notes and floral aroma. This wine is pairing with asparagus and the magazine propose a recipe of a famous restaurant.

The magazine are awailable to read in the tasting room and you can taste this fabulous Muscat !



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Golfurlaub 2015

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Guide Bettane + Desseauve 2015

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Guide Hachette 2015

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